Panasonic Spare Parts – The Panasonic brand name was created in 1955 and was first used as a brand for audio speakers. The company traded as National/Panasonic until 2003. Although the National name was dropped from the company, the National and Technics brands remained until 2008. Panasonic is a household word in home entertainment, but the brand is more diverse than that. They market high quality home appliances and air conditioners.


Doug Smith Spares supplies the full range of Panasonic spare parts.

We are one of the only Authorised Panasonic Spare Parts Resellers in Australia, and we supply the complete range of genuine Panasonic spares.

Our Panasonic Parts Range includes:

  • Panasonic TV parts including Panels, PCB’s, replacement remote controls, wall mounts and more;
  • Parts for Panasonic Washing machines such as inlet hoses, Drain hoses, door parts and more;
  • Panasonic refrigerator parts including shleves, fridge lamps, gaskets, seals, timers, sensors and circuit boards;
  • Home theatre Spare Parts including genuine Panasonic remote controls and cables;
  • Panasonic Air conditioner Spare parts including Filters, Louvres, remotes, indoor and outdoor modules, fan motors and more;
  • Lumix Camera Spare parts;
  • Panasonic Microwave Parts including diodes, trays, rollers, lights and more;
  • Panasonic power tool parts including motor brushes, batteries and more.

We also supply parts for small Panasonic appliances such as Irons, breadmakers, rice cookers and stick blenders. If you have a Panasonic fridge in your kitchen, a Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine in your Laundry, or any other piece of Panasonic equipment in your home, and you require genuine Panasonic spare parts, we can definitely help you.

Doug Smith Spares offers a variety of pickup locations and Australia wide delivery, so why not drop us a line or send us an email? Solve your Panasonic spare parts problem today!

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