Identifying appliance parts is both an art and a science, and can be quite difficult at times. Here at Doug Smith Spares our 26 staff we have over a century of combined experience in the appliance parts industry. Over Nearly 50 years in the industry, we’ve learnt all the tricks, traps an pit-falls that can catch you out when identifying parts. We are experts at guiding our customers towards successful parts identification – servicing over 100 Brands, we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips that only years in the industry can bring.

Correctly identifying parts is not as simple as picking it from a picture on the net.

We nurture close, efficient and in many cases, official relationships with our supplies to aid in pricing, manufacturers warranties and speedy part identification. Chances are we know the suppliers of your chosen brand on a name to name basis, and we are more than happy to leverage those relationships to benefit our customers.

Preparation for Identification

How fast and effectively we can help you is effected by how well you are prepared to identify your part. Here is some general advice, in order of importance – to help your parts identification go as smoothly as possible:

1. Model Number – This is the most important thing in spare parts. With this number there is not much we cannot do. Sometimes it is important to grab other small details as well, like the serial or other codes. We recommend taking a photo of the model number plate for reference.
2. Part Description – We are known to some as ‘parts interpreters’, as some parts can be hard for the customer to describe. We are very good at understanding what you need, and will ask targeted clarifying questions to narrow in on your part. If you don’t know exactly what your part is called, important facts for us to know are:
a. What does it do?
b. Where is it?
c. What does it look like?

How to Find the Model Number

Please see our full guide to finding your model number, and what to do if you can’t, here →


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