806890807 Genuine Blanco Oven Fan Element 2000W. 

Alternative for part number 806890807 which is the 3 ring element. This is a direct replacement for previous genuine Blanco Part number 040199009967R. (this was a 2100W version. Blanco changed this part number over in 2019. 

Doug Smith Spares are the exclusive distributor of Genuine Blanco Appliance Spare Parts in Australia. This is a 100% Genuine Element Supplied by Blanco. Beware cheap copies, and beware people claiming they have genuine elements when they don't!

Suits Blanco Ovens including models: BFS120X, BOSE633W, BOSE633X, BOSE635X, BOSE63W, BOSE63X, BOSE65B, BOSE65W, BOSE65X, BOSGG611X, BOSGG63X, BOSGG65X, BSO6000W, BSO6000X, BSO60W, BSO60X

Also Suits Omega Ovens including model: OE604GG, OE604X, OE604XP, OE606X, OE606XP, OE608TX, OE608TXHN, OF601XZ, OF602XZ, OF902XA


SKU 806890807
Brand Blanco