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Thinking of Buying a New Appliance?

A word of advice......

Firstly, you should strongly consider keeping your old appliances going as long as you can. Typically it is true that they are better units than they make today. The old adage that 'they don't make things like they used to' really is true. In 1972 it cost about $700 to buy a washing machine. In 2006 it still costs about $700 to buy a washing machine. To put that in perspective in 1972 a Mini cost $1800. The New Mini now sells for up to $60,000.  Appliances are getting much cheaper in real terms, and that's why 'they don't make 'em like they used to'. That's just a fact of life.

But, if the time has come, and you are seriously thinking of buying a new appliance, be very careful. Many retailers will try to push you into imported appliances, claiming that the quality is better than the locally produced stuff. Although there is some good imported gear out there, the quality argument presented by some retailers, is usually just a way to get you into machines that make them bigger mark-ups, or kick-backs to the salesman.

As a general rule, we have always strongly suggested you buy a local product. the premise was that you are always better to buy a locally produced and well supported product, rather than going for some fancy imported product that may not be able to be serviced when it comes out of warranty. Of course, these days even the local producers aren't producing locally. so is their product still worth buying?

We say it is. The Electrolux brands and the Fisher & Paykel product are well built and fully serviced and supported locally. Even the models being produced overseas arte being produced under license, not simply brand-engineered.

The trap with SOME imported appliances

Many brands (for legal reason we can't name them here) have very poor if any after-sales service. We see this happening to un-suspecting customers every day. We have seen a glass panel for an imported cooktop set a customer back $1100. A knob for a stove, over $80, and a defrost heater for an American refrigerator can cost well over $300. (Kelvinator ones are about $40) A shelf for a F & P or Westinghouse fridge may cost you as little as $20. Some imported brands can cost you $150. There are companies that take weeks to get parts or service organised, and there are some brands that do not warehouse spare parts in Australia at all!

Just because it has a "Full Warranty", does not mean it is well supported by the manufacturer! And remember, that not all component breakage is covered by warranty. Make no mistake, if you buy the wrong appliance, it will bite you and continue to bite you for a long time.

"But the euro stuff is more stylish"

Particularly when it comes to kitchen appliances, many people prefer the look of European appliances. You have spent a lot of money on your kitchen, so you want it to look the part. And that's fair enough, too. But choose carefully. Not all imported brands are no good, but you have to make sure you buy from a company that supports its products well.

So what should I buy?

We have recently found a few brands that fit the bill perfectly.

The IAG brand of product also meets our criterea. IAG is a locally owned company, who sell almost exclusively through the kitchen renovation industry. They hand select the latest Italian cooking product to ensure they stay at the leading edge of technology, whilst ensuring durabilty and reliabilty. IAG support their product well and keep all their parts in Australia. In fact Doug Smith Spares are exclusive parts agents for IAG, and we distribute parts directly to customers and service agents on the day they are ordered.

The ARC brand is a lower priced brand marketed by IAG. It is highest  quality product we've yet seen come out of Asia. IAG care about their customers and service the ARC brand fully.  Service technicians are hand selected and receive proper product training.

Only when a product meets all these criteria, Does it get our stamp of approval. Euro, IAG and ARC are sold through the appliance repair industry, so ask your local repairman to get it for you. Or, if you prefer, you can buy these brands direct from Doug Smith Spares. Either drop into on of our stores and see the product for yourself, or click on the logo below to view the range on-line. We can recommend someone who can organise the installation for you if you need.

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