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Doug Smith Logistics Services

A parts warehousing solution for appliance importers, distributors, and online stores.

Does running your spare parts warehouse cost you more than its worth? why not consider an outsourced solution from Doug Smith Logistic Services.........

Spare parts can be messy and costly, and can be a major distraction from what's important in your business - selling. But what if you could run your spare parts operation with no fixed costs, and no hassles? Just a managable floating cost based on the volume of sales you're making.

Doug Smith Appliance parts have been helping customer source the correct parts for their appliances for over 40 years. During that time we've learnt a thing or two about efficiently packing orders and distributing them to customer.  

We can provide for you:

  •  state of the art order processing, packing and dispatch
  • real time parcel tracking using various courier systems
  • service level agreements - same day dispatch
  • secure, professional, insured and audited stock handling
  • Regular management reporting, which can be tailored for integration into your systems.
  • debtor control - we assume the risk, so you need never have a bad debt again.
  • managable costs
  • individualised solution to suit your specific goals and needs

There are a number of levels of service we can offer you:

1. Drop shipping
 Have your system seamlessly upload an order into ours, and we'll effortlessly delivery the item to your customer. Perfect for online stores, and importers wishing to maintain direct contact with their customers.

2. Full service
let us handle your customers' enquiries and needs from first contact to completion.  Your customers enquiries will be handled efficiently, speedily and accurately by our highly trained team.

We handle spare parts logistics for several other companies and we'd be delighted to provide references.

So, If a warehousing sloution could help you, why not contact us and let us talk to you about possible solutions that could assist your business. What have you got ot lose except the headaches..........

I look forward to talking to you.

Daniel Clark,
Sales and Operations Manager.









Call us today:

Granville: 02 8868 6700
Pymble: 02 9449 7655
Dubbo: 02 6883 3222
Gold Coast: 07 5522 0733


Referrals. We supply Drop Ship services for the following companies. We encourge you to contact them and enquire about our services.
DSP (online Provider)
OAP (online provider)
HAPL (Appliance Importer)